"Who cares about floors, when you'll have rewards!"


What is SLCNFT?

5,555 SWAGGYLions redefining blockchain rewards. Our purpose is to create a self-sustaining rewards ecosystem  through mining, staking, DeFi education, marketplace activity and IRL participation.

Join our discord below to join our community and begin your journey into Web3 and enter a self-sustaining ecosystem.



SwaggyLions Club is our most ambitious mission yet, the beginning to a self-sustaining ecosystem for our community of lions.
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SWAGGYLIONS CLUB Is a layered, hand-drawn art project, that was randomly programmatically generated by smart-contract to produce 5,555 SWAGGYLions living, and roaming on the Polygon Network.
Based on mining, and decentralized finance, using the Polygon Network to facilitate user experiences, the purpose of SWAGGYLions Club is to create a self-sustaining rewards ecosystem.

This ecosystem represents the ability to have a community, as a whole — grow, passively in the new creative economy.
We believe that blockchain technology & smart contracts have the potential to do much more, and we intend to push the boundaries of innovation.

Our goal is to continue to rapidly build the best quality platforms and bring forth the best app integrations needed, for SWAGGYLions Club to provide the best rewards.


metaverse .

alpha-group .

SWAGGYVILLE is our Metaverse hangout, and our blockchain ALPHA Group that connects web2 crypto enthusiast to Web3.

Metaverse: In general SWAGGYVILLE is the community as a whole together online in any capacity. From our Weekly Twitter Space on Wednesdays & Sundays, to our Sponsored Spatial Metaverse Meetups via Oculus or Desktop. The embodiment of the SWAGGYVILLE metaverse is where ever we decide to take it.

Our goal for metaverse land is to eventually purchase SANBOX Land and build Play 2 Earn Activities that allow you to earn $sand and $swaggbucks.

Alpha Group: The group also introduces to holders decentralized spot and perpetual exchanges and user interfaces within the ecosystem, as well as further education in staking and farming. We learn together and we earn together.

SWAGGYVILLE creates a unique experience for holders through NFT Integrations, NFT tokens, marketplaces, Play-2-Earn and more to be announced.

SWAGGYVILLE is for Holders Only.

Disclaimer: SWAGGYLions Club does not make any promises or guaranteed of future income or earnings. The projection is only a reference based on the current mining difficulty, crypto price, network difficulty, and block rewards for education. The SWAGGYLIONSCLUB Family does not offer financial advice.


Starting December 1st 2022, Holders of the SLC NFT will be able to deposit, and stake their SLC NFT within the SWAGGYVILLE Ecosystem, to receive SWAGGBucks mrc-20.The Minimum lock-time — the shortest duration NFTs must be staked, is 4 weeks, 2 days.

After your Staked NFT has completed its minimum Stakeable period, your NFTs will move to section Unstakeable NFTs — these passed the minimum lock-time so you can un-stake, and claim your newly minted mrc-20 tokens.

Depending on the number of NFTs that are staked, the platform will display the amount of SWAGGYBucks you can claim every two days, as well as your total rewards including the next claim round.You can stake as many NFTs as you would like.

Tokenomics blockhain

Mining Rewards
Rewards have changed since September 15th of 2022.

During this time our community has put an end to our ETH-Hash-Rigs-1616–3090, which has been distributing ETH rewards Monthly to SLCVips since December of 2021, and SWAGGYLION Holders since July of 2022 ending September 2022.Current SLCNFT Holders have voted to continue mining and to seek tokens that produce the highest hash-rewards via our governance reference; https://snapshot.org/#/swaggylions.eth.

Starting Dec 1st Holders with 10 or more NFTs will start to receive SWAGGBucks in replace of erc-20 rewards for the following ecosystem function;We are currently changing focus from ETH mining protocol, to ETC & ERGO Mining protocols which would require multiple wallet integrations.To simplify this process early, and to easily track NFT Token Holders of 10 or more via smart-contract, the process of distribution must be to only distribute one reward from SLC to Holder, instead of multiple tokens airdropped from SLC to Holder. This will keep a smooth and “active” ecosystem increasing transaction history. https://polygon.nftscan.com/0x687171b34344b18489095bace3c9196ae012a553

Activation of the “active ecosystem” starts December 30th of 2022, when the “owed” tokens from September, October, and November will be airdropped to the holders who held 10 NFTs through that time period. Also at this time distributions countdown will be displayed on our Staking Dapp for those who started Staking Dec 1st of 2022. The end goal of the SWAGGBucks token is to create usage for the community and user experience for the holder through marketplace functions and more.In due time, with our current plans of action, the SWAGGBucks token will earn its value. Until that time comes, DIAMOND HANDS!

Tokenomics blockhain


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Our twitter is our main social media way of connecting with our community stay tuned in! @swaggylionsclub


SLC - Bridging

Using This Bridge our Community Wallet Earns .10% ALL Transaction Fee

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